My take on how to improve learn terra

Learning about such a vast ecosystem like terra is not an easy task, especially for new users. We must remember that with columbus 5 right behind the corner new protocols, opportunities and information will flood us and it will be even harder.

New users dont need to gather all the knowledge available. There are many crypto/defi strategies which you can follow and they focus on different parts of protocol. You can either want a very basic knowledge, stake your luna and hodl, you can use defi and leverage your position, you can provide liquidity, or you just want to learn everything. Each this position comes with different knowledge requirement, risk level and earning potential.

To allow smooth and possitive learning experience is to help used identify what learning outcome user would like to have and than show him the way how to learn it step by step. Do my first suggestion is to create a possibility for new user to choose learning strategy, based on strategy types description, which will suggest articles order to learn choosen skills.

It might be gamified a little and created something alike to a system in duolingo. Learning materials are divided into tree with different level of difficulty, and by the subjects, split into theoretical and practical ones. Firstly ecosystem information, relation between luna and ust, instructions how to create and use wallet, how to do staking. On higher level information about swaps, trading, slippage settings, theorethical and practical aspects of LP providing, impermanent loss, launchpads, anchor, how to use it to leverage your position and how come it is possible to maintain such a big interest rate on a stablecoin and mirror protocol with different parming strategies. On another level there will be description of protocols based on existing solution and extending their possibilities, auto compounding vaults, utilizing anchor, mirror and staking in the most optimal way, like Prism, Mars, Apollo and other protocols.

All together they will create a tree, which can show users progress in learning, but the most important present a clear structure how the learning process should be. Data divided into the categories, which also allow us to extend the database and build system based on them. In this way we can ensure that new user will have esier time to find crucial basics of the ecosystem, access tutorials which will allow him to start adventure with the ecosystem and also will show a clear learning route that will lead him to be able to use more complex investing strategies.